Project property has approximately 5 hectares:  titled, licensed and permitted

Waterfront to highway access between Almirante and Chirqui Grande, Bocas del Toro

Natural sweet water supply from 265’ deep well through solid rock: could sell water

Complete with property tax exemption, corporation and residency needs

High tension electric lines in and should be ready soon to the property

2 houses, 4 rooms complete, 4 ½ finished – permitted for 12

2 hectares of water concession from Panama City

Features – Amenities


Furnished  Appliances
 Pet Friendly  Laundry
 Manicured Gardens  Internet
 Telephone  Wooden Dock
 Ocean & Views  Ocean Waterfront


This turnkey operation has direct road access on the Mainland as well as extensive water frontage in a protected bay.  Four of the rooms have been completed while a further four rooms are almost complete.  The property includes a restaurant and relaxation ranch over the water providing ample space to cater events such as weddings and social gatherings.

Due to it’s road access, travelling to Almirante is just a short ten minutes by car and David can be reached within three and a half hours.  The hospital facilities in Changanola are a mere half hour away.

This is one of the few waterfront resorts on the market that retains the feel of Bocas del Toro and island living while having the convenience of mainland access by road.












Contact:   6618-6106   / 6698-9901

captky  (at)  hotmail.com