House Specifications


For Sale by Owner

The construction on this home was completed in August 2010

  • Land Size 1/2 acre
  • Living Area 1710 sq foot
  • Dock Area 440 sq foot
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Large Open Plan Kitchen / Dining / Living Space
  • Large Office
  • Entertainment and BBQ Deck
  • Maintainable Garden with room for expansion

House Information

The home is constructed entirely with quality wood and materials imported from the USA.

Quality furnishings throughout

Comfortable reclining sofa sets x 2

Wooden dining table with six chairs

Various wooden cabinets, chest of drawers and dressers

Sankey Refrigerator 17 cubic feet – 2 years old

Premier Freezer 142 litres – 2 years old

Maytag Washer and Dryer

GE gas oven and stove

Panasonic air conditioning

TV, DVD and gaming system.

Yamaha generator

Built in Pantry

25 foot Panga Boat with 75hp engine (new) – to be negotiated as part of deal

Home’s Off Grid Equipment and Systems

The house solar system consists of 20 – 205 & 210 Watt panels in strings of 5 ea for a combined total of 4160 Watts. The panels are fed into two combiner boxes and two Outback FM-60 charge controllers. The Charge controllers are connected to a disconnect switch and then to the battery bank.

The battery bank consists of 16- 6 Vdc 225 Ahr. batteries for a total of 450 Ahrs. of reserve power. The system was designed for 1.5 days of  reserve, but I like to charge the batteries every day. Note the batteries are two years old and should last another 2 to 3 years.

The batteries feed through another switch to the inverter. The inverter is an Outback VFX 3648, which supplies the house with 120Vac at 3600 watts.

Rain water catchement with 2 x 500 gallon tanks and additional 2 x 1250 tanks , total 3,500 gallons storage.

Bodega alongside the house including electric room, storage and tools



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