Your Neighbors

There are around 100 Dolphins that call Tierra Oscura and Dolphin Bay their home throughout the year.  All too often they will make their appearance right in front of the house, playing and hunting.  The jungle may bring in some interesting visitors too such as sloths and monkeys and the occasional kinkajous.  And what about human neighbors…

Tierra Oscura bay has a strong community with support from both the local and expats who call it home.   The growing community in the bay presently include two local restaurants located just a few minutes by boat away and a further restaurant being reopened shortly by expats which will be just a 5 minute boat ride from the dock.


Both Tierra Oscura and Dolphin Bay have local villages where basic supplies may be purchased, however, most of the shopping for supplies would be done either at Almirante – the mainland port town just 25 minutes away by boat, or Bocas Town on the island of Isla Colon which is also around 25 minutes away.




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